Minimum Styling for Maximum Effect

Minimum Styling for Maximum Effect

"Less is more" is a phrase we often hear in regards to interior styling. But more often than not, people tend to fall into the trap of over-styling.

It can be hard to show restraint when faced with so many beautiful homewares, and it's so easy to think "surely this space could do with just one more vase", or "another cushion should do the trick!"

Today, we're helping you strip everything back so the natural, organic beauty of your furniture can take centre stage.

Industrial m console in white


Back to the Beginning

Minimalism in architecture and interior design has been heavily influenced by Japanese Zen principles, which suggest that a room’s true beauty is in the empty space within the roof and walls, rather than the objects within it. Japanese design therefore is based strongly on craftsmanship, beauty and delicacy, with interiors kept very simple, and thus highlighting the few pieces of furniture. 

The well known "less is more" phrase was coined by renowned architect and furniture designer Mies Van Der Rohe, who borrowed these Zen principles to develop his own minimalist aesthetic. 

His tactic was one of arranging the necessary components of a room to create an impression of extreme simplicity, giving each piece within it a sense of purpose and belonging.

industrial m square dining table

How to Make Minimalism Work For You

Minimalism doesn't simply mean taking everything out of your rooms until you're left with a completely empty space. Instead, it means communicating as much as possible with as few elements as possible.

To master this style (or at least move closer towards it), choose high-quality furniture pieces, which don't need to hide behind ornaments or decoration to look their best.

Choose original designs that have been crafted by experienced makers, and take note of joinery, polish and form. The sleek, uncomplicated aesthetic of our French-designed Industrial M range is the perfect example of pieces that need little to no styling to create wonderfully simple interiors.

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